So, the van’s in the shop – but we were needing to get groceries tonight since I was out of several things — so…… I had Wayne hook my bike up to my bike trailer and off I went! I had to admit, the rush of air wooshing through my hair felt fantastic – and it was nice to go along at a clip I couldn’t possibly keep up on my runs. Ha ha. It was a nice change of pace. Once I got the groceries loaded in the cart, though, the clip /thingymaboppper that attaches the trailer to my bicycle seemed to have fallen off – and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get it back on!!!! I called Wayne on the cell and he tried to talk me through it — but the trailer was so heavy with the groceries that it made it much harder to wiggle it around just so, to get it all lined up again while I screwed it back together. I worked at it for a good twenty minutes when a nice family felt sorry for the crazy lady sitting on the sidewalk working on her bike trailer – ha! Thankfully, with both of them working on it – it was much easier to both hold the heavy trailer, line up the parts and screw them in (something that was hard to do solo!!) – and within a few minutes, I’d thanked them and was on my way home again. 
Total bike ride was about 4 miles or so (I didn’t have on my Garmin – but I’ve measured it in the past.) A nice little bonus workout for my week. 

Tomorrow I’m supposed to meet my buddy at her work at 6:30 am. She works less than 3 miles from my home and I’m planning on running from my house to her work, doing our usual 6 miler and running/walking home. Should be close to 12 miles – a new HIGH for me!! I’ve never run farther than 11 miles in my life!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!! (And pray I don’t oversleep or I’ll have to ride the bike!)

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