10 1/2 weeks until my Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s getting closer! 

AF is here this week. Usually that means I lose a couple of lbs due to bloating and such, but I’ve had the most stressful week! The van broke down several times. We’ve spent about $300 already on repairs — that didn’t fix the problem. We’ve had some financial problems from the past show up to haunt us in a big way (long stories – but dh used to co-own a couple of game stores and our partner shoved us out of the business one day on a whim — but we’re still on the leases for the properties — and the old partner couldn’t run the places without us well so after losing money for years on them, he just closed the doors and walked away a few months ago — so — we’re being sued for the remainder of the leases to the tune of about $10,000. Those businesses opened the month Anneliese was born – she’s 4 now, so it was a along time ago. My grandfather is also been given only a few months to live by his doctor (and my grandmother doesn’t seem much better and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both no longer with us in a year.  ), this big trip to Yellowstone is coming fast — and at the moment our only vehicle won’t even start — once we get there we’ll owe dh’s parents several hundred dollars to rent our portion of the vacation home, we’ll likely have to spend around $500 to rent a van just to get there and use during the trip and —- you get the idea!!!!! It’s been crazy. I know that we’ll get through it all. I know everything’s going to be alright in the end —- but — during all of this — I’ve been eating badly again. Cookies, soda, McD’s. So, though I did see 129 on the scale several days ago — I was seeing 132 again over the past couple of days. BUT..good news — this morning, I was back to 129 again!!!!!

I’m actually wearing a dress today I haven’t worn in about 10 years. And it’s BAGGY!!!  I can’t believe it! So, though there are certainly frustrations in my life right now — there are definitely some silver linings! The kids are well, the marriage is happy and healthy and I’m trying to channel my anxiety into these runs and my Marathon plan. I think it’s keeping me sane. 

Hope you have a great day, gals. I’ll be back tomorrow to report on my 6 miler with my buddy, B.

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