Had a really busy evening so I couldn’t get my run in until about 9 pm. I headed out backwards on my favorite golf course route. I knew that I had enough light to get up the big hill and over the top before darkness would come — and that I’d pop out on the main street where there are shops, tons of traffic and lots of sidewalks (aka – as safe a place as I was going to find to get the middle part of my run in before heading back home.) It was just lovely out tonight. I passed a temperature sign that said 80 degrees – and a few feet later I passed another one that read 85. Not sure who was right – but it was somewhere in there — nice running weather. 

I hit my own neighborhood again at 4 1/2 miles, then had to do the loop de loops over and over again until I hit 6 miles for the evening. It was actually 6.02, but who’s counting (oh yeah – my Garmin is – ha ha) 

Some of tonight’s highlights — coming up that big ole hill (11% grade) I felt mentally strong and really could tell I’ve learned not to fear hills the way I used to. Coming DOWN that puppy was a blast!!! I just let myself go for the ride!!! My Garmin told me after I got home that I ran for about 2 minutes at about a 7 1/2 min pace!!! Nice!  (this is me and myself high-fiving.) I’d also give myself a pat on the back – but there’s no smiley for that yet! I blasted into the finish with a best time of 6:41 for that small stretch before cooling down with a walk. One of my favorite features of my watch is that “best” time feature at the end of every run. I always write it on the calendar and in my log book, next to the overall time, the distance and the average time for the run. There is something very motivating about seeing yourself achieving a quick pace — even if it was for a tenth of a mile or less!  Just test driving those crazy fast speeds — makes me wonder what it feels like to be one of the gals and guys who actually can keep that up for an entire run!!!! It must be quite a buzz! I will admit, right here, in case you are starting to get Olympic hopeful daydreams of me — that my “average” pace for tonight was only 11:53 (just about on target for the schedule). So, never fear — I’m still your favorite slow runner — I just have my small “spurts” here and there that I like to share about since it’s so unlike the real me! 

Oh… tonight before I left for my run — Wayne called me the “S” word!!!! — SKINNY! I know I’ve still got some rolls I’d like to say so long to — but I just couldn’t help myself — I gave that sweet man a squeezie bear hug!!!!!!!  I have to admit — every time on the run tonight I felt like slowing down or taking it too easy – I remembered that nice compliment and pushed a little harder. Hey – I am not ashamed to admit that I will happily work hard for compliments from my husband! 

Tonight’s run — is the final one for my July schedule!  I achieved my GOAL of 75 miles for the month!!!!  (Yep – high fiving myself again!!!) I’m setting next month’s goal (based tentatively on my training schedule – which I am certain will suffer during vacation) – at 80 miles for August.

I decided to look back at the calendar and see how my training is looking to date:
Miles ran in April – 45.68, Miles ran in May – 69.54, Miles ran in June – 58.95, Miles ran in July – 75.2.

I’m very pleased. Last year, at my peak — I ran about 100 miles in a month. I really hope I can get there again!!!  Slowly and surely! Those are my words to live by this time to prevent another injury! So far so good!

One more fun fact before I head to the shower —- my Garmin is now at 390.41 miles since I got the watch 11/1/08. (I had already been running for 6 months when I got it.) My next run is Saturday – and it’s a 14 miler! I’m going to hit 400+ miles on the Garmin!!!!! That’s pretty doggone cool! If I really do get about 80 miles in August, then 90 in Sept, I’ll be certain to get enough miles in October (my Marathon month) to reach my goal of 600 miles for the year. Considering I had 3 months off from the injury — I’d be very pleased to see that happen! 

I hope you all have a terrific evening!



You know, I think tonight’s going to be another one of those “blow off some steam” kind of runs. I just could not sleep last night — and there’s nothing like a good hard run to make me snooze like a baby at the end of a long day.  I’ll be so grateful when this Marathon’s over in some ways — because once I’ve done that without injuring myself along the way — I’m going to loosen the restrictions on my running a bit. I really miss running more than 3 days a week! Mentally, I’d run every single day if I could! It just chills me out so nicely. 

I really do wish people would keep their dogs on leashes or behind fences! It would make me fear my longer runs a whole lot less!!! I live so close to the countryside, that I think people just do “as they wish” though — and that means running for my dear life every now and then! I admit, most of the dogs are friendly – and I’ve even had a few over the last year join me for a while as I jog — but I’ve also had a few big scares where I seriously thought I was about to be ripped to shreds! THOSE dogs make me so mad — well — their owners – make me so mad!  I’ve seen a dog whistle online that is very high pitched and hurts dog’s ears when you blow it. I really think I need something like that! All I carry right now is a regular whistle (my hope is that an owner will come check to see what all the noise is about when I blow it.)

Our van has been behaving itself since we brought it to the shop last week! Maybe we scared it straight?  Thanks for asking about it!

My Marathon is now 9 1/2 weeks away (not that I’m counting mind you!) 

I really am getting to much closer to my “prebaby” weight – but the darn scale keeps teasing me — letting me see 129 every few days – then going back to 130 or 131! Today was a 130 day. Darn thing is playing tricks with my mind I tell ya!  I’m hoping after my 14 miler on Saturday I can see 128 on the scale — even for a minute! That would rock! 127 is the pre-baby weight — the first “big” milestone I’m aching to reach before Yellowstone! I hope I can do it!!!!



Had a rough night emotionally. I think the stress lately has just gotten to me. After I’d made dinner and given the baby a bath and put her to bed, I checked on Wayne who was taking a nap since he wasn’t feeling well. We started talking in our room and I was finally able to just let my emotions show from everything that’s been going on and had a good cry while he held me.  His first words when I was all done “You really need a run!” Does that man know me or what? 

So, off I took. I was supposed to do a 3 miler at an 11:50 pace. It was 9 pm when I started and it was just about sundown. I was craving some country air and some wind in my hair. The temp was wonderful compared to how hot it’s been lately (that’s one bonus of sneaking in night runs here and there.) I headed off towards the nearby roads that are surrounded on both sides by fields (but that also have a fair amount of traffic so I didn’t feel very worried about being out late.) Note to all readers – do as I say and not as I do. Night running in the country is not something I recommend – but I admit to doing it at times – and the truth of the matter is — running in the country when the temperature is just right (such as at sundown) is in fact some of the most glorious, fresh-aired fun I’ve ever had.

Anyways…I took off and had to keep slowing myself down. I ended up just going with what felt comfortable since I knew I was letting off some steam with this run. I ended up doing 4.29 miles in 46:23 (that included the warmup and cooldown) so my overall pace for this run was 10:49 – so it ended up being more of a tempo run in the end – but it’s what I needed.

I did have a couple of interesting things happen. I had the usual assortment of dogs chasing me, thankfully none of them biters. Then, just after the sun set, I could see the “bob bob” up ahead of another runner in the distance coming towards me. Clearly this runner hasn’t read my latest journal entries where I remind everyone to run facing traffic – since this one was on my side of the road running at me.  Just as we hit the same intersection, I realized it was a gal – about 10 years younger than me, with a long brown ponytail! She could have passed for my younger sister- well other than the fact that my actual sister doesn’t look much like me. She waved just as one more dog ran right up to me and starting barking menacingly at me! I was distracted by the fluffy tyrant and when I looked up, she’d taken off in a flash in the same direction I was heading. I crossed to her side (the NON evil dog side- aka – on the same side as traffic – shame shame everybody knows my name!!!!), and started jogging behind her a few paces. After a minute, I felt silly doing that since she was so close and figured I might as well jog up and say “Hi’. Well…… apparently, on a dark country road if another runner zips up right beside you when you didn’t expect it (it turned out she was listening to her Ipod), you will scare the bejeebers out of the other runner!!!!!  Who knew?!!! I did, say “Hi” and she screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then started laughing when she realized I was not a hatchet carrying murder — just another runner gal. I apologized and said “Sorry. I just wanted to say, “Hi.” and in my embarassment, I found a new level of speed and zipped off for home (which was less than 1/4 a mile away at that point.)

Just when I thought I’d had enough adventures for the evening, I walked the last 1/4 mile to cooldown and came to my driveway which did not have the porch light on. I could make out in the dark a smallish round mound right on the walkway to my door! Ewwwwww – I thought! Some neighborhood doggie pooped in my driveway!!!! I had noticed just in time too. I’d almost stepped on the mound. But… as I leaned a bit closer to have a look — I realized it wasn’t poop afterall! It was a toad!!!!!!

I unlocked the door, turned on the porch light and called the kids outside for a look! They were “oohing and ahhhing” that Mommy brought them a toad home on tonight’s run (hey, I practically did!!) — and I got brave and gave it a little pet (thinking to myself , “Please dont’ let me get a wart!!”  I know! It’s an old wives tale. But that’s what went through my head. Once I’d tried it, the kids wanted to have a go too. They leaned forward (can you even imagine what it was like to see all those hands reaching for you at once?!”) and he hopped into my flowerbed. He didn’t get far though. Wayne was standing there and leaned over and picked the poor Prince Charming up. He let out the cutest little sound — and PEED all over Wayne’s hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids all giggled at that one, but Wayne was so excited. He’d read that toads were wonderful for eating misquitoes in garden beds — so through the house the whole crew went through the back door to take the toad to our backyard garden! And, that my friends – is where he is right now!! I hope he’s feasting on a whole ton of buggies in my backyard! 

Anneliese is cracking me up right now as I type this. She’s planted a pencil straight up in a basket of color crayons and is blowing on it with all her might as though it were her birthday candle she’s blowing out.  I’m going to take a shower and then I promised the kids to read a chapter or two of the second Harry Potter book. We got through 5 chapters earlier today, so they are eager to get to me read through the whole thing by week’s end — and I’ll try to make sure that happens.  I do love summer vacations!



Hey guys. Thanks for stopping by.  My weight is still bouncing around. I’m 130.4 today. I peeked back at my weight on day 8 of my cycle last month and saw I was 134.4 – so there has definitely been improvement! Not sure I’ll see 127 before the trip to Yellowstone to see the relatives — but I’m still hopeful!

I’ve been eating terrible still — but have been trying to eat less when I do so! Last night my parents called and invited us over for rootbeer floats AND brownies! The kids and Wayne enjoyed themselves – and I tried to just nibble the corner of one brownie and take only two sips of of my rootbeer float so that I wouldn’t seem like a party pooper.  My stomach is really feeling sick from all the crap I’ve been eating the past week and a half though. I’m really hoping I can just plow along through the stress that’s going on and get my eating back on track.

My Mom and Dad both noticed that I’ve lost weight when I saw them last night, which was pretty great! Usually my parents and I are within 5 lbs of each other’s weight! My Dad is 5’4″ and weighs about 140 and my Mom is 5’3″ and usually weighs 135-140 too. My little sister and her family showed up at the end. She was proud of me too. My sis is a teensy weensy little thing. One of those lucky gals who still looks the way she did in high school (she weighs about 110 and is 5’1″), but has never ever been on a diet or exercised a day in her life. I wonder what that’s like?  It’s ok, though, seeing my tiny sister is always motivating to me.

The van is behaving itself still (knock on wood.) Wayne decided to drive it to work every day this week to see if he can make it “misbehave” again or not since the shop said that might be the only way to find out what’s wrong since it passed all the computer tests when we brought it in. It really would be wonderful if it would just behave nicely so we can focus on our upcoming trip and I don’t miss anymore training runs though!

My schedule calls for an easy 3 miler tonight, a 6 mile tempo run on Wednesday and a 14 mile long run with my pal on Saturday. Should be a fun running week!  As long as I can keep juggling my running schedule and get in 24 miles the week before I head on vacation (including one 16 miler), I’ll feel much better while I’m gone since I’ll have “caught up” the big runs I was needing to do before I went. I’m still going to try to get in three runs while I’m gone – but with the altitude change, the scary wildlife in the area who like to eat runner’s for lunch, the fact that I have no idea of running paths in the area and the busy schedule Wayne’s sister has set up of “things we all will do together” I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to run a whole lot. So…. we’ll see how it goes! If I get 2 runs in that week, I’ll consider myself doing good!



Since, I’m on a Paula Racliffe streak, I’ll share a tiny bit more that I think you’ll enjoy hearing. In 2006, she took time off from her sport when she announced she was pregnant with her first child. Her comeback was the New York City Marathon of 2007 – which she WON!!! Here’s a super cute photo of her holding her baby girl, Isla at the end. 

She’s gone on to win the New York City Marathon in 2008 (where the famous American runner Kara Goucher (another one of my heros) came in third. I really find Paula inspiring. How cool is it that a Mom can still win marathons?!! 

I’m doing a little more reading and discovered that the World Best marathon she ran was actually in 2003 – also at the London Marathon in a time of 2:15:25. Of the 5 top fastest marathon finishes by a woman in the world – Paula holds 4 of the records. She’s ran 7 marathons to date — winning 6 of them



I did it!!!!!!!! A new PR for distance this morning! I did 12.1 miles! My buddy B was pretty excited to hear I’d ran to her office today, so she decided to run a little extra with me today to help me get to my goal.  It was great having someone along for 7 of the miles!!!!

I really need a shower now!



So, the van’s in the shop – but we were needing to get groceries tonight since I was out of several things — so…… I had Wayne hook my bike up to my bike trailer and off I went! I had to admit, the rush of air wooshing through my hair felt fantastic – and it was nice to go along at a clip I couldn’t possibly keep up on my runs. Ha ha. It was a nice change of pace. Once I got the groceries loaded in the cart, though, the clip /thingymaboppper that attaches the trailer to my bicycle seemed to have fallen off – and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get it back on!!!! I called Wayne on the cell and he tried to talk me through it — but the trailer was so heavy with the groceries that it made it much harder to wiggle it around just so, to get it all lined up again while I screwed it back together. I worked at it for a good twenty minutes when a nice family felt sorry for the crazy lady sitting on the sidewalk working on her bike trailer – ha! Thankfully, with both of them working on it – it was much easier to both hold the heavy trailer, line up the parts and screw them in (something that was hard to do solo!!) – and within a few minutes, I’d thanked them and was on my way home again. 
Total bike ride was about 4 miles or so (I didn’t have on my Garmin – but I’ve measured it in the past.) A nice little bonus workout for my week. 

Tomorrow I’m supposed to meet my buddy at her work at 6:30 am. She works less than 3 miles from my home and I’m planning on running from my house to her work, doing our usual 6 miler and running/walking home. Should be close to 12 miles – a new HIGH for me!! I’ve never run farther than 11 miles in my life!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!! (And pray I don’t oversleep or I’ll have to ride the bike!)



10 1/2 weeks until my Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s getting closer! 

AF is here this week. Usually that means I lose a couple of lbs due to bloating and such, but I’ve had the most stressful week! The van broke down several times. We’ve spent about $300 already on repairs — that didn’t fix the problem. We’ve had some financial problems from the past show up to haunt us in a big way (long stories – but dh used to co-own a couple of game stores and our partner shoved us out of the business one day on a whim — but we’re still on the leases for the properties — and the old partner couldn’t run the places without us well so after losing money for years on them, he just closed the doors and walked away a few months ago — so — we’re being sued for the remainder of the leases to the tune of about $10,000. Those businesses opened the month Anneliese was born – she’s 4 now, so it was a along time ago. My grandfather is also been given only a few months to live by his doctor (and my grandmother doesn’t seem much better and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both no longer with us in a year.  ), this big trip to Yellowstone is coming fast — and at the moment our only vehicle won’t even start — once we get there we’ll owe dh’s parents several hundred dollars to rent our portion of the vacation home, we’ll likely have to spend around $500 to rent a van just to get there and use during the trip and —- you get the idea!!!!! It’s been crazy. I know that we’ll get through it all. I know everything’s going to be alright in the end —- but — during all of this — I’ve been eating badly again. Cookies, soda, McD’s. So, though I did see 129 on the scale several days ago — I was seeing 132 again over the past couple of days. BUT..good news — this morning, I was back to 129 again!!!!!

I’m actually wearing a dress today I haven’t worn in about 10 years. And it’s BAGGY!!!  I can’t believe it! So, though there are certainly frustrations in my life right now — there are definitely some silver linings! The kids are well, the marriage is happy and healthy and I’m trying to channel my anxiety into these runs and my Marathon plan. I think it’s keeping me sane. 

Hope you have a great day, gals. I’ll be back tomorrow to report on my 6 miler with my buddy, B.



Started my run at 8:30 pm tonight and saw on a sign on the main street that the temp was still hovering at 95 degrees! I ran up the 11% grade hill overlooking the golf courses and just soaked in the view of the valley and mountains once I reached the top. That particular path is always worth the work! I also ran by an injured orange and black monarch butterfly — and had to stop and check on it. Poor little thing. It coudn’t fly. I held it in my hand and tried to figure out how to jog another 5 miles without hurting it worse while holding it – and realized I probably couldn’t have helped him much anyways.  So, I sat him back down. Poor fella.

I got my 7 miles in just as it got really dark. My right ankle and right toes were bothering me a bit today as well as my right hamstring which seems too tight. I’ll try to do more stretching tonight and tomorrow. Last winter when I got hurt it was my left side that was always acting up. Hopefully this is just the usual sorts of aches and pains from running more miles in the past few weeks. (Go ahead and cross your fingers for me on that since my last injury really did just kind of leap out of nowhere on me with little warning!!)

Ok…now the sad news. When I got in the door tonight, five sad little pairs of eyes were staring at me. It turns out the lady who wanted to find a home for the chihuahua (Odie to us) — changed her mind. She’d recently had a death in the family and I think she’s bonded with this dog whom she just rescued a few days ago. So..she’s decided to keep him. I honestly had the strongest feeling when I met her that she was going to say that – but I’d hoped I was wrong. I gave the kids plenty of hugs — and I think we’ll now be looking at getting our own little chihuahua for keeps soon (though I admit, with all of the van trouble we’ve been having and the upcoming trip to Yellowstone — we might wait a while before going on the search.) Savannah’s dental surgery is also coming up next month – and I’m nervous about that since she’ll be in a hospital and put under for it.  I think we’ll get through some of those things before we start actively searching for another pet. I do admit that when we got the call, I did think it might be destiny though — and I always try to answer yes when destiny calls. Oh well….. another puppy is probably out there right now that will be the “right” one for us.