Today was Day 1 of my “Official Marathon Training” schedule!  I got up so much earlier than I am used to — but fell right into my running shoes and clothes (or so it seemed at that wee hour of the morning), and took off. Apparently the misquitoes rule when you head out just before sunrise and I was swatting those puppies off here and there during the run. At least it made me run faster to get away from them, though!  I was a little nervous heading out so early, so I didn’t wear my mp3 player. I wanted to be alert to bad guys, cars and dogs. My only odd encounter was right in my own neighborhood, when no more than a block from my own house, I passed a Scotsman of about 60 dressed in a kilt, hat – the whole costume!!! I thought I was dreaming since where I’m from this is not a common sight — but — the imaginary Scotsman bid me a “Good morning” and I bid him one as well. I’m still not quite sure I was fully awake at that point, but I am certain he was real and not a figment of my active imagination.

I’ll be sticking to the training schedule for the next 16 weeks, only varying occasionally (such as for my 6 milers on Fridays with my buddy, since my schedule only calls for a 3 miler, a 5 miler (tempo), and a long (8) for this week, for instance.) She’ll become my tempo run for now.  I may pull back to 7 on the long one to keep the total milage in line with the program. My goal is to train well – and avoid injury!!!

So..today — 3 easy miles at better than target training pace (my smart coach training plan from www.runnersworld.com actually tells me exactly what pace to strive for and with my handy dandy Garmin, it’s easy to stick to the plan.) In my case, this training schedule was created using my recent 10K race time which I know to be less than my “best”, so I’m going to allow myself to run these training runs up to 30 sec per mile faster than prescribed whenever it feels like a better fit.  I’m hoping that by increasing my training pace, I’ll also start to see the scale moving in the right direction again too. 

This was my last run for June. 11 runs in all, which was less than I’d intended — but — considering I’m onto my Marathon Training now – that was probably a good thing to give my legs a bit of a rest before requiring much more of them over the next 16 weeks.  I just added up my required miles for July to stay on track with the plan and that added up to 83 miles!!!!! July should be an exciting month!!! 

One last fun fact –I just added up the number of miles to run on this training program (including the actual race at the end) and it totals 350 miles!!!  Cool bananas!!!!!!



I didn’t end up running today after all. My hips were really feeling it from the power walk yesterday. It’s funny how walking and running look so similar – yet really do use the musles in a whole new way, isn’t it? I ended up trying out a DVD from the library called Yoga Bliss Hips. It was the ODDEST Yoga workout I’ve ever tried! The woman in the DVD sits there with her eyes shut nearly the whole time. You have to hang your tongue out and pant like a puppy for several minutes (the kids thought that was hilarious of me!) There was a part where I was supposed to hug myself really tightly then swing my upper body back and forth as fast as I could. I got so dizzy!!!! She did the cat cow (which I normally love) but at SUPER FAST speeds with this type of breathing that sounded like hyperventillating!!! It was just ODD!!!!  I won’t be using that one again!!!! But – at least I tried to loosen up the tight hips! 

I kept my eating under control today and was happy to end with less than 1500 cals. I find it really hard to get it much lower than that and not feel super hungry. I’m in awe of those of you ladies who go as low as 1200 and exercise!!! You are amazing!!!!! 

Later tonight when I was looking at my Excel sheet of all of my workouts since last May, I had mixed emotions. I have exercised 163 days since last May (sometimes I’ve had more than one workout a day — but that’s the total number of days I’ve exercised.) I was so proud to see that I’ve stayed committed to this for that long —- but also a little discouraged to see that my weight has pretty much hit a standstill for the last 6 months. I hover between 132 – 136. I hope that upping my mileage for the marathon training will be just the thing I need to get that scale to start inching its way back down again.



Felt like cross training today, so power walked from my house to my pal, B’s workplace and back. I was curious exactly how far that distance is since I usually drive there and then we run. It’s 2.82 miles each way approx (I say approx because I did take a potty stop at the local gas station and didn’t shut my Garmin off for that ha). My total mileage for the workout was 5.72 miles in 1 hour 35 min.

Dh is going to start waking me up early to do my runs starting this week. I usually wake up around 8 am. Dh leaves for the bus by 6:30 am so I’ll need to be up with the chickens to get in any kind of mileage.  Since I ran 6 yesterday, then walked a solid almost 6 today, I’m going to go ahead and just do 3 tomorrow.

Now that I know it’s an additional 5 3/4 miles to and from my pal’s workplace, I can use my Friday run as my “long run” once it reaches about 11 – 12 miles. According to my Smart Coach schedule, that will be in about a month. Should be fun!  I’m supposed to do a 10 miler in 3 weeks. If I’m feeling strong, I may go ahead and do it as early as then.

My buddy also mentioned checking out some of our local trail running paths together in the next big town. I’ve heard great things about them but wasn’t sure where they were and was hoping to do it with a pal. She was on the same page, so I hope we can get that to work out this next month too! I’m looking at my training schedule and see I have an 18 miler coming up at the end of week 9. Wow! That’ll be something to say I’ve done THAT! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!



Got to run with my buddy, B this morning for our usual 6 miler.  First one in two weeks since we both had races the past two weekends. Our gait was off a bit today but the conversation flowed wonderfully as usual. We talked about my running goals and she encouraged me to go for the marathon –even though I don’t have a half under my belt. She also told me that the only races she did before her first were a 10K and a 15K!! I didnt’ realize that before! I have now done a 10K and have agreed to do the same 15K with my other running pal in Sept that B did before her marathon. Hmmmmmm…… I’m really toying with this, guys!!! Could “I” really just hang in there and go for it?!! Man, I want to! I admit that when I’ve been looking over the half training schedule, it was a letdown since the longest run it calls for is 12 miles and that’s only 1 mile over my longest run from last December before the injury. I was so eager to heal up so I could try new distances —- so I’m not very inspired to train for 16 more weeks to just barely pass my old achievements. Hmm…. My heart wants the marathon!  I’ll think it over some the next week…… but I should choose soon since it will alter what I’ll be doing on the runs. 

Today’s run – 6.01 miles. Both of us had heavy legs a bit. I think coming off our races and not training for a few days of rest threw us off –but, it was the right thing to do. Back to training again…..it’s just a matter of WHICH goal now…….

It also occurred to me that I won’t make my goal miles for the month because I hadn’t taken into account that I’d be tapering before the race and then taking a few cross training days after to recover. So..it’s all good!



I avoided the one I hate the most, but since this one doesn’t show my entire body and I resized it smaller I’ll share this one. This is me, my running pal D and my Mom. Both D and Mom received 2nd place medals in their age divisions at the race!  I was 4th in my age division – (which had I realized would have motivated me to find that 3rd place winner and smoke her –  ) Next year!!!!!!!!



I forgot to add, that I was really off on my Mom’s race time. I’ve seen the official results now — she did it in 1 hour 13 min!!! Not bad for a 54 year old, huh?  This is her final kick across the finish line. Isn’t my Mom adorable?????? She is flashing her “peace signs” as she runs across the line! I love it!!!!!



Ended up doing 31 min on the new stair stepper my physical therapist buddy gave me. Great workout – 300 cals burned. Very equivalent to running 3 miles in effort and cals burned, so I think I’m going to like having this as part of my routine. Then did another 20 min with the stretch bands she gave me using the little poster. I am clueless without pictures – so that was great!!!

About to have lunch and then head to the library and store. I’m picking up only healthy foods for the week. Day 3 of counting my cals and points — doing better than I thought at it so far. Must make it past the first week since I’ve never made it longer than that on a diet of any kind  A month ago I tried and made it 7 days. Now that I’ve lowered my race goal to the half marathon for this October instead of the full marathon, I feel much better about restricting my calories too. I think it’s the right balance for where I’m at. There’ll be time for the full — just have to save it for later and do the half first. 

Val, you’re a doll. Thank you.  Sometimes it’s hard to openly talk about things I struggle with like my weight and my body. I’m grateful to have friends like you gals to be real with who still love me anyways — and encourage me to keep moving forward even when the results are slow to show themselves sometimes.  You gals inspire me!!!!!!!!



This morning’s weight – 133.0  I did pilates again yesterday and am in my workout clothes this morning and am deciding which dvd to do. I think I’ll do the one with weights and bands again. That really kicked my rear last time (and it’s designed for those 50 and over — I can’t believe old ladies kick my rear that good  )

I would really love to see 127 lbs by our Yellowstone trip where I’ll see so many of dh’s extended family!!!! That was the weight I was before the 5 babies. I’m 6 lbs from that now! I hope I can lose and keep off those last stubborn 6 lbs by August 9th! I have about 7 weeks!

If I hit that milestone, then I can start working towards my “real” goal weight — my high school grad weight, my wedding weight and my college grad weight (at age 25) which was 115!!!!! I hope I can do it guys! I know I’d feel so much better about myself if I could drop this weight! My breasts are one of my worst areas. They still measure about 38 in. around (I “think” my proper bra size is 34D right now – my 38Ds are too loose and don’t give support anymore, but that’s all I have right now) and that’s horribly uncomfortable on a 5’3″ body! I would seriously consider a reduction surgery if after another year of working out I can’t reduce the size of my boobs. I’ve hated them since my preteens. They’re just too big!!  My core is SO weak and flabby too. My upper body is just so soft and that needs to change. I’m trying to incorporate hand weights in a couple workouts a week. I probably need more than that but other than my “over 50 dvd” strength training one, I don’t have instructions on how to use them. It’s so intimidating to me!!!

Does anyone know if I can do pilates every day? I would love to put that in my routine daily but wasn’t sure if you had to take a day off in between workouts or not? Anyone know?

Jess, thank you  YOU are absolutely one of the most motivating pals I have. Just look at what you’ve accomplished! You are one hot mama now — and I want to be like you!!!! 

I forgot to add – I stuck to my food journaling yesterday and ate 1600 cal and 31 pts. I know it’ll take me a few days to figure out how to keep the cals lower and the pts lower too – but that’s where I’m at.


First 10k Race Results

The official race results were just posted!!! There were only 57 in the entire 10k (it’s a small town race) and I came in 37th overall!  My official time was 1 hour 2 minutes on the nose! I must have hit my Garmin just a bit after that.  I was the 17th female to finish. 4th in my age division, as I thought.  It’s so cool to see it on the site. I feel so “official” right now!


I’m Going on a Diet

I’m in such an emotional funk.  This always seems to happen to me when I see pictures of myself. It’s odd, too, because the “me” I see when I’m getting dressed in front of the mirror or getting ready for the day is probably 20 – 30 lbs thinner than the one I see in photos. I have no idea why that is (maybe I have a magic mirror that fools me into thinking I’m at a weight I am comfortable with and don’t mind when all along I’m much, much bigger than I realize.) It kind of reminds me of that movie Shallow Hal.

Today I went back on the online weight watchers (free) points program. I really suck at dieting but —- I honestly just hate the way my body looks. It’s 9:30 and I think I did pretty good today. I had 1320 cals (26 points). I drank several glasses of water, took my vitamins, tested out my new stair climber (I think I’m going to enjoy using it), did a Pilates workout DVD (Shape Magazine one) and some extra crunches and pushups.

After doing a race, my books say to “take an easy day for every mile that you raced”, so I’m trying to avoid any impact exercises for the next several days. I’m thinking it’s a great week to get in a couple bike rides, do some stregth training, yoga, Pilates and walk. Bertha ended up rescheduling her marathon training so that she and I can keep doing our Friday morning 6 milers again. I’m pretty happy about that.  I love those runs! So….my run with her on Friday will probably be my only one for this week.

I talked to my Mom, my other training buddy, D and my hubby about switching to the half marathon instead of the full for October and all encouraged me to make that change. I’ve been mulling it over since Saturday. It occurred to me that my Mom had been a runner for several years before she attempted the marathon and she’d done several halfs before making that leap too.

My training pal, B also did several small races before working up to the marathon and my other training pal, D has completed two halfs in the past year and is now focused on doing her first full this Oct. I realized — I’m the only one who’s trying to “skip” ahead — and maybe I’m forgetting to stop and smell the roses along the way here.

I actually think it’s very possible that I could finish the full marathon in October —— but —- I loved the experience of doing the 10K on Saturday and I haven’t even checked off the 5K yet!  That is — I haven’t done a 5K in more than a dozen years. So……I think I’m going to find a 5K to do this year, my pal, D, talked me into a 15K this morning for September (8.6 miler) as a warmup to the half marathon in October.  I think it would be great to do all of those races in the upcoming months and sort of “feel out” how I like to race.

I do think I need to keep focusing on eating more healthfully. I really need to drop that 15 – 20 lbs that’s been slowing me down emotionally and physically and then who knows?! I’m 135 lbs today. That’s exactly 20 lbs over my high school/wedding/college graduation weight of 115 ish. I felt great at that weight and held it steady there from about the age of 15 – 25, so I know it seemed to be the weight my body liked to be. I miss it so much!!!!!!!

Thanks for hanging with me through a low and a high this week.  I really appreciate you guys and I’m so grateful to have a place to just spill my thoughts on my weight loss/fitness journey when I need to.